Jared Palacios

Titles and Organizations

2019, Film and Video Studies, BA


Jared Palacios wants people to pay attention to how they treat each other. Growing up in Hawaii, Palacious encountered many different people from all over the world visiting the islands. He said he was taken aback by some of the racial discrimination he saw.  

“I want to shed a new light on how to view immigrants in America,” said Palacios, who graduated from Mason with a B.A. in Film and Video studies (2019). “It is not meant to sway people to think differently politically, but just to open their minds.”  

He recently premiered his documentary “How to Get There,” a success story about Justin Gudiel and his journey that began when he came to America as an immigrant to becoming an executive chef at a successful Italian restaurant. Palacios, who moved to Northern Virginia from Hawaii when he was in high school, met Gudiel in the restaurant where he works at as a server.  

“[The film] tackles the discrimination and setbacks that immigrants face, and hopefully inspires others to not give up on their goals and dreams,” Palacios said .  

Palacios plans to stay in the D.C. area for a year before making his way to California or New York to pursue his dream of becoming a renowned documentary filmmaker.