Mason Film Lab

At Mason, we bring students out of the classroom and onto real-world sets. 

Each year, Mason Film students collaborate with a guest director to produce and crew a short film on location for the Mason Film Lab.

Some of the recent Mason Film Labs include:

In the Mason Film Lab, students gain real crew experience, building their producing skills, crew credits, and technical expertise. They gain a valuable view into work after graduation and have used Mason Film Lab credits to land positions on major film sets. Producing (FAVS 311) students spend class time over the semester in pre-production for the location shoot, then collaborate on set with students in Cinematography (FAVS 331) and Sound Recording (FAVS 333) to crew the film. Each film is written and directed by a seasoned and celebrated Guest Director. Recent Directors include Colette Burson (showrunner for the Goldon Globe nominated HBO series Hung) and Nefertite Nguvu (Director of In the Morning, awarded Best Narrative Feature at BlackStar Film Festival.)

Each film is produced by Professor Lisa Thrasher, shot by Emmy-nominated Director of Photography and Professor Hans Charles, Executive Produced by Professor Giovanna Chesler, and sound recording is supervised by Professor Amanda Kraus.

Thanks to the continued work of faculty and guest directors on these films, our high-quality Mason Film Lab productions travel to film festivals internationally and have garnered multiple awards.

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Behind-the-scenes video of working on the Java film set